Playing Field Closing Seminar
Netherlands Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264
Live stream, friday 23 May 10.00-17.00, saturday 24 May 2003, 13.00-17.15 hr
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One of the goals of Playing Field is to research the use of streaming media for art creation. In the three participating institutions artists have been working on streaming art projects. The artists show they are using streaming media in different ways, for different purposes.

Arndt Hochstetter The Virtual Office
Arndt Hochstetter (IMG) connected two offices in different towns via streaming video and audio for some days. The background of this idea is the growing pressure to be flexible at work. Instead of travelling to the clients or business partners we can work together via the internet, even at complicated projects.

Slateford os_anm    
Interview with Simon Yuill, Peter Maas and Ricardo Creemers (Netherlands Media Art Institute).
os_anm is a lo-resolution animation tool. It plays with the ideas of the pixel as a foregrounded pictorial element and the aesthetics of 'old-time' computing systems.

Mariela Yeregui "Inordinate topographies"
Mariela Yeregui (MECAD) is creating a real-scale infinite map on the net surface. On this map users can create their own spaces in an interactive way.

Peter Mertens "Low Flow"     [High bandwidth movie]
Low Flow (56k) Interview with Peter Mertens, Brecht Debackere, Martin Takken and Robert de Geus (Netherlands Media Art Institute). Low Flows are abstract streams, dynamically changing moods, influenced by data found on the internet and variable facts like the weather in Amsterdam.

Iván Marino "In death's dream kingdom"
Ivan Marino (MECAD) is working on interactive video for internet. His main topic is madness and in his videos he shows how human bodies can reflect a state of madness. The question that arises is: What is the main difference between a person and a thing.

Station Rose "Webcasting" [new window // click on the questions]
Station Rose (IMG) creates sound and images that are webcasted during live performances. They find new aesthetics in streaming, which is rude and rough, pixely and trashy. Streaming as a new form of mistake.

Kirk Woolford "Reckless eyes"    (56kb for modem users)
Kirk Woolford (Montevideo) uses streaming to make it possible for players in a game to look through each others eyes and exchange what one is seeing. In a later phase he uses internet to put somebody in between the eyes of the players: internet users can influence the game.